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Each plan is fully customizable and fliexible vs. your needs. We will schedule an initial call (FREE) with the guy on the left to appraise and assess the problem or situation. From the second call on, we will immediately dig into troubleshooting and testing new growth hacking opportunities.

All of that with a practical, hands-on-dirty and trackable approach. 

Growth Advices

1h call (one time)
  • Strategy advises
  • How to grow your business
  • Consumer behavior advises
  • Tooling choice
  • Business efficiency


1h call / week (3 times)
$ 360
  • Incognito OS, browser, search engine
  • Reduce fingerprints (e.g. ISP, Wi-Fi)
  • Securely store & encrypt your data
  • Find personal data & erase it
  • Disappear from SE & online DB
  • Acquire new online identity

Growth Hacking

1h call / week (for 2 months)
  • Strategy advises
  • Growth-hack your business
  • Practical tricks & advises
  • Consumer behavior advises
  • Advises on tooling
  • Business efficiency
  • Trackability