The #1 customer LTV in the world [4 keys]

TemplateMonster was in search of a customer relationship success formula.

They hired expensive consultants, bought expensive software, and wasted
more than half a year on analyzing and describing all their business

Result: It all only worked on paper.

Then David Braun, CEO of TemplateMonster, decided to discover everything
himself and, shortly after, he was surprised to find that
the highest customer lifetime values in the world were generated by …

… dentists, pediatricians, and other doctors.

He found 4 key “HACK” elements that make the best doctors so good at customer relationship:

1. Honesty.

The best doctors are super honest with their clients even if it means a customer will pay them less now.

Long-term trust, loyalty, and referrals – this is what they get instead of a quick buck.

2. Attention.

They listen attentively before talking and remember all the important details.

3. Care.

They delve into the client’s problems, deeply understand, and empathize.

They pay no attention to the average check size and serve everyone equally, doing everything to provide the best help possible.

4. Knowledge.

They are professionals in what they do.