637% growth in revenue in 12 months

ConvertKit was growing steadily for 3 years until they applied an approach that increased their revenue by 637% in just 12 months.

What kind of magic wand did they use?

1. They launched a mouth-watering affiliate program: From each referred customer, you earn a recurring 30% commission for the life of the customer.

2. They made it easy to join:

2.1. All new affiliates needed to do was sign up.

2.2. They automatically gave their current customers the right to be an affiliate without any additional actions.

2.3. They made the affiliate program offer a part of their new customer drip.

3. They focused 100% on delivering a live webinar to any affiliate — no matter how small their audience was.

4. They gave away hundreds of dollars of value during the webinar — and asked for nothing in return, saying this exact phrase: “Here’s my promise to you. I’m not going to ask you to spend a single dollar today.”

5. They considered webinars as a long-term investment. They weren’t looking for people to invest monetarily that day. Participants could try out ConvertKit free for a month, equipped with free courses and other information about how to get the most out of it.

Result: their monthly revenue grew from $98k to $625k (= by 637%) — in just 12 months.